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Seaweed Algae Collagen Facial Mask

Seaweed Algae Collagen Facial Mask

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Brand Name: YMEYFAN

Gender: Unisex

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Peel Mask

Use: Whole Face

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Formulation: Gel

Feature: Anti-Aging

Feature: Moisturizing

Feature: Oil-control

Feature: Whitening

Feature: Depth Replenishment

Ingredient: seaweed particles

Package Quantity: One Piece

Item Type: Treatment & Mask

Country/Region of Manufacture: CHINA

NET WT: 500g/1000g

Model Number: Seaweed seeds collagen facial mask

Seaweed Mask: Seaweed Mask Powder Face Mask

Face Mask: 100% Pure Natural Seaweed face Mask Whitening lifting

Organic Skin Care: Hydrating Whitening Moisturizing Face Mask Anti Acne Fade Spots

Dropshipping/Wholesale: Support

5A Quality Level Pure Natural Small Particles Seaweed Mask

Seaweed mask advantages:

1. Increase The Skin's Water Retention
It has high nutritional value and is very helpful for moisturizing and hydrating, soothing and calming, and providing nutrition to the skin.

2. Increase Skin's Tightness And Elasticity
It can make loose skin respond to the young condition, and thus achieve the goal of wrinkle removal.

3. Increase The Immune Function Of The Skin.
Black spots caused by exposure to the sun and poor rest can be repaired

4. Suitable For All Skins
Suitable for oil-soluble, acne, and swollen skin, has the effect of balancing vegetable oil metabolism, reducing swelling and removing bacteria

What is special about our seaweed mask?

Premium selected seaweed

:High quality,5A Quality Level

Pure Natural Small Particles, <0. 5mm

Higher glue output rate: 1-2 seconds rich in collagen,Granular glue

More material saving: 1 scoop of 10g=1 Facial Treatment

Good elasticity: Not easy to break

Good toughness:Easy to use, No Need Mold

Good adsorption:Nourishes the skin and absorbs well

"0"Addition,Sensitive skin and Pregnant woman also applicable

The usage of seaweed is:

1.Take 10g Seaweed Particles(complimentary spoon 1spoon)

2.Pour 4 Scoops of warm Purified water (pure milk and Hydrosol can also be added) and stir it,seaweed particles are fully glued soon

3.Apply it to the face and wait for 10-15 minutes(good toughness easy to spread it evenly no need mold)

4.Remove it in 10-15 minutes and do usual skin treatment to block water

What is seaweed algae seeds mask?

Small particle seaweed mask is mainly extracted from light black giant alga extracts, cellulose, sodium hyaluronate and other ingredients, which can help you improve skin moisturizing, shrink pores,repair sensitive skin,skin lightening,Nourishing and Hydrating.

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