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Red Light Hair Therapy Cap

Red Light Hair Therapy Cap

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Brand Name: XceeFit

Power Source: Electric

Material: Plastic

Origin: Mainland China

1. No side effects -Your Safety Matters

The Scienlodic Red Light Therapy for Hair Growth Hat - is the safest way to achieve fuller, thicker hair.

Its unique features include 
automatic shut-off after 20 minutesand overheating protection, which sets it apart from alternatives on the market.

Without this protection, your safety could be at risk. Don't let other unsafe products endanger your health. The Scienlodic Red Light Therapy for Hair Growth Hat is an 
FDA-cleared device, And it has passed at least 10,000 tests in our laboratory, no need to worry your scalp tissue would be damaged by the laser therapy.

2. Effective to Combat Hair Loss
Different from the mainstream single wavelength laser in the market, the hair growth hat combines 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light and a unique double pulse(10Hz&40Hz), clinically-proven technology to help restore thinning hair due to genetics (androgenetic alopecia).
120medical-grade LEDs into one hat, swiftly penetrate your scalp with non-invasive and reach deep scalp tissue to awaken the dormant hair follicle.

3. Science Proven that Works for Hair Growth
In 2017, researchers conducted a clinical study on women aged 18-60. The women received red light laser therapy every other day for 17 weeks. Specifically, the treated group showed a 51% increase in hair growth.
It helps improve hair thickness and fullness with no side effects. After using the Hair Regrowth Hat, a lot of patients reported significant improvements, and you can too!

4. Enjoy Hair Growth Therapy at Home
Please count the hair massage in your daily routine, that's why the hands-free hat was designed.
You can read your favorite fiction while in therapy, just takes a few times a day to do the hair treatment at home.
Many customers told us that the hat is so light that they even forgot its existence, 20 minutes just a blink.

1,Do not wash and avoid water contact with plugs and connectors.    t is recommended to use professional clearers for wiping
2,please use the matching power cord for charging.
3,When used with a power bank, the product will be limited by the power of the power bank device, and the power and brightness will be significantly Reduced
4,Avcid squeezing and cover-bending the product when using it

Type: VisICle light tor human eyes are about 400~800 nm, Half of the light on the hat Is 850nm invisible infrared light.     You can use a power meter to test whether the light is bright

Quality and Technical Certification
This product has applied for patent protection, Do not rrisoppropricle and imitate without authorization.
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