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Electric Head Massager

Electric Head Massager

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Usage Mode: Electric

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Composite Material

Certification: CE

Size: Small

Model Number: 05--head massager

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Application: BODY

Electric Head Massage health care antistress relax body massagem deep tissue Wireless Scalp Massager Prevent Hair Loss relieve

Product Features:
Scalp massager , meridian massage with the original 3D cluster, open and close, push , pull, kneading ,grasp the 6 Chinese Medicine Massage mode, comparable to the effect of traditional Chinese massage professionals, the role of the saclp and meridians , promote blood circulation Ring, impove your troubles, through channels , eliminating fatigue ,garbage ,stop , stop dandruff head itch ,the most comfortable Meridian massage experience.
Scope of application :
For the head of hair loss, hair loss, hair loss People have significant health care function, the elimination of fatigue And improving sleep has a significant effect.
1. USB charging
2. Lightweight and portable
3. Both wet and dry use, can be used when hair is wet
4. 3D Claw type massage head, Safe silicone material, massage head is removable and washable.Not store bacteria
4.Shiatsu scalp massage, multidirection claw type massage head,

Applicable object:
1.Mental worker
2.People who often feel tired
3.Hair loss in the head , less hair, poor hair
4.College students , middle school students and primary school students
5.People who often have headaches and dizziness
6.People who suffer from insomnia dan dreaminess

Method of operation:
1.Press the button to turn it on first , the default is slow ,the second is fast , the third is reversed quickly , each press is repeated for the first time , press and hold for 3 seconds to shut down .
2.Check if the machine voltage is too low , If the battery red indicator light flashes qucikly, the machine should be charged in time.

1.During the charging process, the battery indicator light is always red .When the battery is fully charged, the indicator light turns yellow.
2.Do not use this product during charging (the charging is not supported in the power- on state .The product starts the self-protection program and automatically stops working)
3.The charging time is 2 hours .

Power on ,mode selection,shutdown
1.In the shutdown state , short press the key , the massager starts working , and the default slow speed stats after switching the power on ,The default time is 10 minutes.
2.After turning on the machine, press the switch key briefly, change the massage mode, and knead slowly, Fast kneading in the forward direction, slow kneading in forward direction, slow kneading in reverse direction, Fast kneading in the reverse direction.
3.In the power on state, long press the switch and the massager is turn off .

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