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Coconut Oil Hair Repair Spray

Coconut Oil Hair Repair Spray

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Brand Name: sevich

Origin: Mainland China


Ingredient: Plant Essence Extra,Virgin Olive Oil,shea butter, coconut oil

Quantity: 1Pcs

Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment

Model Number: Sevich Hair Repair Keratin Spray

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Function: Repair damage frizzy dry hairHair mask

Effect: Instant shiny hair,smooth hair silk

Feature1: Repair damaged hair

Feature2: Make hair soft and smooth

Effect 1: Repair damaged dry and frizzy hair

Effect 2: Hair treatments

Effect 3: Hair straightening

Effect 4: Moisturizing Smoothing

Suitable for: All kinds of hair

Keratin Hair Spray: Repair damage and restore soft hair

Coconut Hair Spray: Anti-Frizz,Shine Hair,Heat Protection

Tea Tree Hair Spray: Moist and smooth hair

Sevich 5 in 1 Coconut Hair Repair Spray
Professional Fight Against Dryness And Frizz
-Lock In Moisture Maintenance
-Fight Against Dry Hair
-Smoothes Frizzy Hair
-Nourish From The Inside Out

Deeply Nourishing
Enriched with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil&Botanical Extracts, it penetrates the top layers of the hair to hydrate and strengthe

Water Lock Maintenance
Quickly form a protective film, which can effectively resist scalding damage and environmental pollution.

Vitality And Smoothness
Repair cuticle damage, make hair absorb moisture more effortless, make it smooth and shiny.

Refreshing and Fluffy
Flufy hair for easier styling.

How to use:
1. Turn on the switch.
2. Press and spray on dry hair.

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